Koi….the jewels of the water garden.

Your pond or water garden is more than a lovely ornament. It is the home for your new pets, the exotic and friendly Koi.
Koi are the perfect pets. They do not get out of the yard nor will they jump up on you. They may occasionally splash you but only when pushing their way to the front of the line to pay you a friendly little visit. They are great with children and only beg slightly. As you will see, they will follow you from one end of the pond to the other when it is chow time.

After work, you can slip through the mystical archway and greet your pets. The gentle fish, resplendent in deep red and white, rise to the surface, taking their food directly from your hands.

The patterns of color on the Koi are as varied as they are beautiful.

In the natural setting of the pond, the vivid colors of the Koi add an exotic flavor. All of our professionally installed water gardens include Koi. Koi are not the only type of fish that you can add to your water garden. We carry several other differrent varieties of fish at our retail store such as Gold Fish, Shubunkin, High Fin Banded Sharks, Albino Catfish, Rainbow Dace, Plecostomus just to name a few.

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