Water Gardens and Water Features in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We believe in the filtration systems we install.

Our filtration systems are biological upflow filters combined with skimmers.  Our filtration systems allow us to completely hide the entire system when we install it. This creates the most natural setting possible and makes the water garden look as if it has always been there. There are no unsightly filters or pipes to disguise. Everything is buried in the ground. This goes for inside the water garden as well. When you look into our water gardens you will see beautiful plants and rocks, not black liner and plant pots. We feel this provides for the most natural looking water garden possible.

Rocks and gravel in the bottom of the water garden serve many different functions. The most obvious being the fact that it looks great. Rocks also protect the liner from harmful UV rays which prolongs the life of your liner to approximately 40 years. The gravel serves as a natural surface on which beneficial bacteria can colonize and then breakdown fish waste and pond debris. This means less time taking care of your water garden and more time spent enjoying it.

Which brings us to our next subject, maintenance. All of our ponds are very low maintenance. No more than 10 minutes a week is required. Your maintenance merely consists of emptying the net in the skimmer and occasionally adding beneficial bacteria in the warmer months to cut down on the amount of nutrients in the water. The other 10,070 minutes left over in the week are spent enjoying the beautiful paradise that you get to call home.

Finally the most important pond and water garden fact. You would not let your plumber fix your car, would you? Of course not. So don’t let anyone but the experts at Garden Ponds Unlimited build your water garden or water feature. Every year 75% of our business consists of rebuilding ponds and water features that were built incorrectly by other landscape companies who do not solely specialize in water gardens. Remember, we are Oklahoma’s largest and best pond builder.

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