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We are Oklahoma’s largest koi pond and decorative water garden builder.  After over 20 years, we understand the science of ponds and pass on our passion for excellence to our customers.

Come visit our showroom and see our craftsmanship in person. We have several display ponds onsite. All you have to do is pick your favorite design.  We also staff full time year round pond service professionals for pond cleaning and pond repairs.

Did you know that we even build koi ponds in the winter? Ponds are our full time passion, not just something we do on the side. You’ll rest easy knowing that you hired a landscape pond company with a retail storefront that will always be available to assist you and your pond needs.

Service after the sale is extremely important to us. Let us show you how waterfalls and water gardens can enhance your lifestyle. Koi Ponds and decorative water gardens accentuate your yard and provide a wow factor that is achieved by little else. Water features add a unique look to your yard but they also help you relax and unwind so you can enjoy the serenity of your yard.

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All of our ponds are built with the finest quality pond supplies in Oklahoma including water garden pumps, pond skimmers, biological pond filters, pond liner and underwater pond lights. Each garden pond and waterfall will have a natural look to go with the look of your yard. It will look as if it has been there forever. We have taken landscaping in Oklahoma to a whole new level. Rest assured that waterfalls and koi ponds is all we do. We are not your typical Oklahoma City landscaper that dabbles in a little bit of everything. We focus solely on the science of ponds. Our motto, Pond Done Right the First Time.


Other than designing and building your custom koi pond, we offer the following:

  • Pond Cleanouts

  • Koi Pond Construction

  • Pondless Waterfall or Bubbler Cleanouts

  • Weekly Pond Maintenance

  • Monthly Pond Maintenance

  • Koi Pond Filtration Systems

  • Fountain Winterization
  • Koi Pond Underwater Lighting

  • Pond Repair

  • Fountain Repair
  • Pond Remodel

  • Vacation Pond Maintenance

  • Recreation Swim Ponds

  • Retail pond product store

Come see why we are the most respected pond builders and pond maintenance companies in Oklahoma.

Contact Garden Ponds Unlimited for pond and water garden installation and maintenance. Custom waterfalls and koi ponds made just for you!

Providing Services in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Nichols Hills, Edmond, Yukon, Shawnee, Newcastle, Mustang, Bethany, Newcastle and Surrounding Areas including the entire State of Oklahoma.

Retail Pond Store featuring Pond Products

For over 20 years, we’ve been field-testing beautiful products in our water features in order to provide you with the most reliable products and best value in the industry. Rest assured that only top of the line products are used in our pond installations. If you’d rather tackle the project yourself, we offer everything from easy-to-install pond and waterfall kits to pond pumps, fish food, and more. You’ll find everything you need to install and maintain a naturally balanced water feature in your yard. Water treatments, aquatic plants and koi fish are always on hand.

  • Pond, Waterfall and Fountain Kits

  • Pond Pumps

  • Pond Filters

  • Pond Aerators

  • Pond Liner & Underlayment

  • Fountain Pumps
  • Decorative Water Features

  • Outdoor Fountains
  • Bubbling Fountain Urn
  • Ceramic Pots
  • Statuary
  • LED Underwater Pond Lights

  • Pipe and Plumbing

  • Water Treatments

  • Pond and Waterfall Installation Tools

  • Koi and Pond Fish Care Products

  • Aquatic Pond Plants
  • Predator Control

  • Koi Fish and Other Pond Fish

  • Seasonal Pond Products

  • Pond Rocks, gravel & Boulders

Latest pond articles

Here you’ll find ‘How to’ and tips for maintaining your pond or water garden, koi care, seasonal pond care, and much more.

koi fish oklahoma

Koi Fish, Koy Fish or Coy Fish?

Actually the correct spelling is Koi Fish. We have seen it spelled many different ways and it all works. Generally everyone knows what you are referring to. The ultimate pond fish. For this article, we are going to have fun with it and use all of the different spellings. Koi fish, koy fish or coy fish are considered to be the crowning glory of pond fish.

Koi fish have a long history behind them and date back several hundreds of years. They get their brilliant colors through cross breed. There are two different basic styles of Koy fish. Standard koi fish and butterfly koi fish. The butterfly koi are the most romantic and mesmerizing as they have long wavy fins that flow back and forth as they swim throughout the pond.


How to Choose the Right Submersible Pump or Pond Pump

Every water feature or koi pond will require a submersible pump or pond pump. The submersible pond pump is the heartbeat of the pond and probably one of the most important components in a pond.

Whether the feature is a pond that will house koi fish or the feature is a large earth bottom, the pump plays an important. Submersible pumps are the best option. They are actually submersed below the water’s surface and are therefore hidden out of site.

The fact that they are a submersible pump also makes them a lot more quit than their inline counterparts. Submersible pumps are also great because they can draw water from the bottom or lower level of the pond and therefore do a better job of helping agitate the body of water.


pond liners in okc

How to Choose the Correct Pond Liner

One of the first steps that homeowners usually take when deciding to build a koi pond is what type of pond liner will they use. Pond liner is one of the most important decision when you are about to build a pond. Do not go cheap.

Pond liner is the foundation of your pond. Pond liner isn’t a very expensive pond supplies in comparison to everything else that goes into a pond. Usually the best option when building a pond yourself is just to purchase a pond kit. Pond kits have the proper pond liner included in them and the proper pond liner size. Ponds kits at Garden Ponds Unlimited have 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner in them. This is the top of the line contractor grade pond liner.