Adding a water garden or Koi Pond from the pond stars at Garden Ponds Unlimited, adds something beautiful to your property and your life. Below are some ways that you can benefit from a waterfall.

Enviromental Conservation

Enviromental sustainability has taken center stage in today’s world, and water plays an important role as the world’s greatest resource.  Although a water garden takes several gallons of water to fill initially, over the long haul it requires less water than the expanse of lawn it replaced.

Ponds are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. They play host to a total interrelationship of all organisms in the environment, including:

Add Curb Appeal

Enhanced landscaping improves property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest.

A pondless waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard water garden increases a home’s value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo.

The sound of a waterfall will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors. In addition, water features provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Waterfront property is a prized commodity, and you can easily incorporate water into your outdoor living space without having to move near a lake or ocean.

Quality Family Time

Backyard water gardens and ponds create a gathering spot for family and friends.  Young children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents enjoy relaxing by the pond’s edge, and water features act like a magnet pulling the family together.

Enjoy meals outside near the pond and spend the evening unwinding with your loved ones.

Health and Wellness

Waterfalls provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.  Lower your blood pressure and improve your physical and mental health as you prop your feet up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature.

Did you know that there are psychological benefits to having a waterfall?

For hundreds of years, water has been used for mental and physical treatments. Monks used water to help meditate.

In addition to the physiological benefits of water (like reducing muscle tension and joint stress, staying hydrated, and keeping skin moisturized, hair shiny, etc.), there are interesting psychological benefits.

According to scientific studies, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety. The sound of running water also aids in diminishing depression, increased mental clarity, greater emotional stability and an overall sense of well-being. READ MORE >>

Outdoor Living Spaces

Most people think of outdoor grills and patio furniture when they think of outdoor living spaces.  Once the outdoor meal is over, what more is there to do in your backyard?  While many homeowners turn to pools or hot tubs, they’re discouraged by the amount of maintenance and chemicals required with these amenities.  For the price of a hot tub, a beautiful water garden and waterfalls can be installed, and less maintenance is required thereby providing more time to relax and enjoy friends and family.

Don’t you deserve your own piece of paradise to come home to each day?  Take the plunge and join the millions of “pondaholics” who are already enjoying the hottest trend in landscaping today!  Contact the pond stars at Garden Ponds Unlimited today.
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