Vacation Maintenance

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Vacation Garden Pond Maintenance

We offer piece of mind for your garden pond while you travel. Don’t burden your friends or neighbors with the unfamiliar task of caring for your water garden and Japanese Koi while you’re away. Sign up today for our vacation garden pond maintenance service. We will maintain your water garden or water feature as often as you like while you are out of town.

Our garden pond technicians will add water to your pond or water feature to compensate for evaporation and add pond dechlorinator. They will empty your water garden skimmer(s), net out any debris from the bottom of skimmer(s), feed your fish our premium high protein fish food or winter wheat germ fish food, add beneficial S.A.T to the pond, add Green Away to the pond, and add D-Solv to pond when necessary.

Sign up for this piece of mind the next time you travel. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to quote your vacation pond maintenance service. Vacation services start as low as $135 per visit. This water garden maintenance service is only available in the OKC metro area.

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