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Water gardens transform an outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise where you can relax, unwind, and
enjoy quality time with family and friends. Water features become the focal point of any garden with their
melodious tunes and natural ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies. Whether you tuck a decorative
fountain near the entrance of your home or create a backyard habitat with an Koi pond and waterfall, you’ll
find each day enhanced when you waterscape your landscape. Whether you have an expansive lawn or a small
courtyard, you’ll find a water feature to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal vacation spot. Is it on the water? Why? Because our bodies are
comprised mainly of water, we are naturally drawn to it. It’s this connection that Garden Ponds Unlimited
understands and this relationship that drives us to provide our clients with one of a kind water features that
create a paradise vacations at home.

You Deserve It!

Don’t you deserve your own piece of paradise to come home to each day? Take the plunge and join the
thousands of “pondaholics” in Oklahoma who are already enjoying the hottest trend in landscaping today!

Why Garden Ponds Unlimited® ?

Garden Ponds Unlimited plays an integral role in the state to enhance the environment and beautify
landscapes across Oklahoma. We are considered to be the top innovators in Oklahoma for the water garden
industry. We have been in business since 1997. We build more quality water features each year than any
other company in the entire state of Oklahoma, with more than 1500 ponds built in the OKC metro area. We
are the only pond builder in the state to have a fully stocked retail pond store with display ponds onsite and
every product necessary to keep your water feature operating at its fullest potential. We are open six days a
week all year long. When you choose us, you’ll never have to worry about service after sale. In addition to our
pond installation crew and retail store, we have dedicated technicians to service your pond needs and repairs
promptly. We are able to do this because building water features is our full-time focus. Not just something
we do on the side. Because of this we are able to offer the only clear water guarantee in the state.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of our customers by providing them with the water garden lifestyle and
superior customer service and service after the sale.

“Ponds Done Right the First Time”™

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Pond Plants in Oklahoma City

You may being wondering where to buy pond plants in Oklahoma City. We suggest Garden Ponds Unlimited on I-35 in Moore. Every fish pond should have pond plants. Pond plants help absorb excess nutrients in your pond. We have a huge selection of plants for ponds. We offer hardy and tropical varieties of pond plants.

Water Lilies

Water lilies are a necessary pond plants in Oklahoma. They provide shade during the hot Oklahoma City summer months and also provide shelter for your koi. Water lilies can be found in two basic varieties known as hardy (will come back every year) and tropical (will not come back every year). Of course the most beautiful of the two different pond plants is the tropical water lily.

The tropical varieties offer color variations that are second to none. We even carry a night blooming water lily. In addition to that, we have color changing water lilies that actually change color over the course of the season. Never a dull moment with pond plants in Oklahoma City. By the way, water lilies like to be planted two feet deep in the pond and placed at the furthest point from the waterfalls. They don’t like a lot of water movement.

Plants for Ponds

There are many more plants for ponds offered by us. We offer pond plants that of varying heights. The plants for ponds are referred to as marginal pond plants. Marginal means that pond owners will usually just plant them along the ponds edges and around the waterfalls.

Most of our marginal pond plants are winter hardy in Oklahoma. The marginal plants for ponds have numerous different colored blooms. There is literally every color under the rainbow. We can show pond owners how to group pond plants for the most appealing landscaping looks in their ponds.

Floating Plant Islands and Floating / Submersible Plants

A fun way to add more marginal pond plants to your pond when you feel that there just isn’t any more room, is to add a floating plant island. We have these planted and ready to go for you.

Last but not least are floating and submersible plants for ponds. They are exactly like they sound, floating or submersible. The most popular floating pond plants are Water Hyanthis and Water Lettuce.

The water Hyanthis are the most popular of the two in Oklahoma because of their vibrant lilac colored blooms. These pond plants do an excellent job of helping to filter the pond water because of their ability to absorb tons of nutrients in the pond. Submersible plants for ponds are a great way to offer shelter to your koi fish as they lay eggs. They tend to be great oxygenators also.

Pond plants are not just meant for decorative koi ponds, they are necessary for farm ponds and retention ponds also.

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Need Help? We provide a wide variety of garden pond services, including request a garden feature, pond and pondless cleaning, pond repairs, weekly pond maintenance, monthly pond maintenance and vacation maintenance.

pond plants in oklahoma city
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How to Choose the Right Submersible Pump or Pond Pump

Pond Pump / Submersible Pump

A pond pump or submersible pond pump will be required for every garden pond water feature or koi pond.

The submersible pond pump is the heartbeat of the pond and probably one of the most important components in a pond. Whether the feature is a pond that will house koi fish or the feature is a large earth bottom, the pump plays an important.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are the best option. They are actually submersed below the water’s surface and are therefore hidden out of site. The fact that they are a submersible pump also makes them a lot more quit than their inline counterparts.

Submersible pumps are also great because they can draw water from the bottom or lower level of the pond and therefore do a better job of helping agitate the body of water.

Our suggestion is to always buy your submersible pump or pond pump locally. By purchasing your submersible pumps or koi pond pumps from Garden Ponds Unlimited, rest assured that if you were to have any warranty issues, your warranty would be handled in person and on the same day rather than waiting for a corporation to respond weeks later.

When pond pumps are purchased through us, you are given a replacement at our store that same day as long as you have a receipt. This is so very important because the life of your koi fish or pond fish depends on it.

Choosing A Pond Pump

How do I choose the correct size submersible pump or pond pump?

When determining what size koi pond pump to purchase, you need to know how many gallons are in your koi pond. You would determine this by measuring the average length, average width and average depth of your pond. Then multiply those by 7.45 (Length x width x depth x 7.45 =gallons).

After you have calculated the amount of gallons you have, you will want to purchase a koi pond pump that will turn all of the ponds water over at least twice per hour. Submersible pumps and pond pumps are rated by gallons per hour (GPH).

Electrical Usage for Pond Pumps

Another very important factor to consider when determining which koi pond pump to purchase is the electrical usage. There are pumps on the market that are priced very cheap. You should not purchase these pumps. The reason why is that their electric consumption will be through the roof. What good would it do it if you saved money on a pump only to spend a small fortune operating it?

Our submersible pond pumps are super high efficiency pumps. Their electric consumption is extremely low. A quality pump will cost a little more initially but will operate longer and be more cost effective in the long run. These means that after a few years, you actually save money. Come see what quality koi pond pumps we have to offer.

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pond pump oklahoma city

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How to Choose the Correct Pond Liner

Choosing a pond liner is one of the first steps that homeowners will need to decide in building their new koi pond. Quality pond liners are one of the most important decision when you are about to build a pond. Do not go cheap. Pond liner is the foundation of your pond.

Pond liner isn’t a very expensive pond supplies in comparison to everything else that goes into a pond. Usually the best option when building a pond yourself is just to purchase a pond kit. Pond kits have the proper liner included in them and the proper pond liner size.

Pond Kits

Ponds kits at Garden Ponds Unlimited have 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner in them. This is the top of the line contractor grade pond liner. Pond liner that is 45 mil EPDM is easy to install, offers design flexibility and long term durability. This makes EPDM pond liner the ideal choice for pond lining.

When looking for pond kits or pond supplies in Oklahoma City, we are your one stop shop. Our pond kits are boxed and ready to go home with you that same day. Not only is the pond liner in our pond kits contractor grade, but so is the pond pumps, filters and skimmers. We have three different pond kits to choose from or we can put together a custom size pond kit for you.

Garden Pond Supplies

Visit us for all of your pond supplies Oklahoma City. It’s important to buy garden pond products from an actual pond store not a garden center. Most garden centers carry liners for garden ponds, but they are the thinner 20 mil pvc, and not as durable. PVC pond liners are synthetic vinyl that is highly susceptible to UV degradation. They do not last very long and quickly become brittle and allow the pond to leak.

A garden center will also carry preformed drop in liners. Steer clear of these. These are usually made a rigid plastic and they will crack with the expanding and contracting Oklahoma ground temperatures. Not to mention that it is impossible to dig a hole to perfectly match their shape.

If you do decide to purchase your pond products from a garden center just know that you will be rebuilding the pond in a few years. If this doesn’t sound ideal, then purchasing pond supplies in Oklahoma City from Garden Ponds Unlimited will be a wise choice.

We will be here to help you along with way. Our garden pond liners come in 100 foot long rolls that come in varying widths. We will make precise measurements for you based on the size pond you are building. Our pond liner rolls come in widths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 feet wide.

Contact Us for a quote on any of our pond liners or garden pond supplies.


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pond liners in okc

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Koi Fish, Koy Fish or Coy Fish?

Actually the correct spelling is Koi Fish. We have seen it spelled many different ways and it all works. Generally everyone knows what you are referring to. The ultimate pond fish. For this article, we are going to have fun with it and use all of the different spellings. Koi fish, koy fish or coy fish are considered to be the crowning glory of pond fish.

Koi fish have a long history behind them and date back several hundreds of years. They get their brilliant colors through cross breed. There are two different basic styles of Koy fish. Standard koi fish and butterfly koi fish. The butterfly koi are the most romantic and mesmerizing as they have long wavy fins that flow back and forth as they swim throughout the pond. Standard koy fish are just as beautiful even without the long flowing fins. The perfect selection in any pond would be to have some standard or regular koy fish and some butterfly koi fish.

Coy fish can survive in Oklahoma all year long in their koi ponds as long as the ponds are dug to a depth of at least two feet. Urban myth says that koy fish need ponds deeper than that but in Oklahoma two feet deep is all that is required. The key is to leave your waterfalls running all year to provide your coy fish with oxygen and to keep the ponds surface from freezing over in the winter. As long as you have a pump large enough to turn all of the ponds water over at least twice per hour, you koi fish will be just fine.

Most of the koi for sale in Oklahoma will be domestically bred koi fish. This means that they were bred in the United States in a fish hatchery. Domestic koy fish, while beautiful are nowhere near as splendid as their imported relatives. Don’t let this keep you from buying domestic koi fish. They need love too and are way more cost effective. Imported Koi for sale can be very pricey.  Garden Ponds Unlimited stocks both domestic koy fish and imported koi for sale in Oklahoma. We want our customers to have lots of options when choosing their pond fish.

This brings us to our next topic. As a pond owner you have a lot invested in your koi fish pond. You should choose healthy, well cared coy fish to inhabit your backyard paradise. This is why you should only buy koi fish from a reputable pond supply store in Oklahoma. Never buy your koi or pond fish from an online source.

You need to be able to inspect the koi fish in person and make your purchasing decision based on the health of the koi. The koy fish should be swimming strong, not flashing and be free of sores. The last thing you want to do is to introduce fish disease into your beautiful koi fish pond because you were trying to save a buck.

At Garden Ponds Unlimited, we take the health of our koi for sale very seriously and have been buying from the same trusted hatcheries for 20 years. We sell our coy fish, koi fish, and koy fish with confidence and want them to thrive in their new pond homes.

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Everyone Wants a Waterfall, They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Water is the source of life and people are automatically drawn to water and waterfalls. This is one of the factors that make backyard waterfalls and water features so popular. Everyone, will at one point, want some type of water feature or waterfall on their property. Why wouldn’t you?

Waterfalls add  elegance and romance to otherwise boring spaces. The sound that a waterfall emits can be very relaxing and mesmerizing. Imagine sitting on your back porch in the evening after a long day and staring out at a custom built waterfall that is illuminated with underwater LED lights. Now imagine sitting on your back porch in the morning sipping your daily cup of coffee. It just doesn’t get much better than that. It’s paradise right in your own backyard.

Garden Ponds Unlimited is the premiere waterfall builder in Oklahoma. We build more waterfalls in Oklahoma than any other waterfall builder. We have several different styles of waterfalls to offer. Our retail pond supply store features over 11 different display ponds all with waterfallsWaterfalls can be built to be slow moving meandering streams that cascade in and around your landscaping or waterfalls can be constructed to have a wow facture with several drops and multiple waterfalls within one water feature.

Garden Ponds Unlimited also builds unique water features known as Pondless Waterfalls. Pondless Waterfalls are basically just a waterfall that disappears into a recirculating reservoir that is full of rocks, gravel, pump and pump housing.  Pondless Waterfalls can be built to literally any size that a homeowner can imagine. The same styles of waterfalls can be created for them or ponds. We have even built very large water features at neighborhood entrances. The sky is the limit.

Homeowners may face varying obstacles on their property such as nearby traffic noise. Did you know that a custom built waterfall or water feature is the perfect solution for this?  We can build the waterfalls so that they have an echo chambers behind them to help intensify the sound and drowned out nearby traffic. This is also very helpful for property values. Any properly built waterfall or water feature for that matter, helps property values. This is where hiring an experienced waterfall builder will be key.

Another way that ponds and waterfalls can help customers is that they can replace that pesky patch of grass that you just can’t seem to get to grow.  You know, that patch underneath a tree that is too shady for grass but yet too sunny for shade grass. We can help with that. How about a Pondless Waterfall, pond or water feature?

Want a waterfall added to your existing swimming pool? We can do that also. Like we said, the sky is the limit. Come see us today to choose which style of waterfall you like best.


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waterfall feature

Waterfall Feature

waterfall features okc

Waterfall Features

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How to choose the best Landscaping in Oklahoma City for your koi pond or water feature

Koi pond and water feature landscaping

Most homeowners think that they should contact a landscaper or landscape designer for their koi pond in Oklahoma. This is the furthest thing from the truth. You should hire an experienced pond builder with specialized training. Landscaping in Oklahoma City can be challenging with our extreme temperatures. Koi ponds in Oklahoma can be even more challenging.

A landscaper or landscape designer will do well with your trees but not so much with a biological ecosystem and the science behind koi ponds. Garden Ponds Unlimited has been building koi ponds in Oklahoma for over 20 years.

We have extensive training in the science behind koi ponds. Properly built koi ponds in Oklahoma have a balanced eco-system capable of sustaining life and completing a nitrification cycle. Garden Ponds Unlimited builds more koi ponds in Oklahoma than any other pond builder, landscaper or landscape designer.

We are often hired by landscaper in Oklahoma City to build koi ponds while they finish the landscaping portions of the job. This is wonderful because not all landscapers know when to hand the reigns over to a professional pond builder.

A large majority of our koi ponds in Oklahoma are pond remodels that were built by landscapers that didn’t quite know how to properly build koi ponds. This is always unfortunate for the homeowners. A koi pond in Oklahoma, if built properly, will add value to the home and always have clear water.

Garden Ponds Unlimited provides our customers with a clear water guarantee. We are able to do this because we’ve been doing it for over 20 years and know how to do it properly.

Our motto is, Ponds Done Right the First Time. Don’t you want your koi pond built right the first time? We have been awarded as one of the top koi pond builders in the United States ranked  #14 in 2019 and in the top 20 for the previous 10 years.

We are the only Master Certified Aquascape Contractor in the State of Oklahoma.  We are also the only pond builder with a pond supply store that features our display ponds so that customers can see what they are buying ahead of time instead of signing a contract blindly not knowing what they will get.

Let Garden Ponds Unlimited build your next koi pond in Oklahoma and leave the landscaping in Oklahoma City to the landscapers.

Waterfalls are an artform and require the experience of years and years to build them to look as if they were put there by nature.

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landscaping garden ponds okc

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Floating Pond Fountains and Pond Aeration Management

garden pond fountain

Floating Pond Fountains and Pond Aeration Management

Fountain Ponds

Fountains for Residential Ponds, Retention Ponds, Resorts, Parks, Golf Courses, & More. Reduce Stagnation & Enhance Your Ponds Visual Appeal While Providing Life Giving Aeration.

Do you have a large pond or does your home owner association have a retention pond that needs pond management and pond aerator solutions?

Garden Ponds Unlimited specializes in pond fountains, lake management, outdoor fountains, floating fountains and pond aerators in the Oklahoma City area.

Pond Aeration Management

Did you know that surface aerators such as fountains help with algae and problem ponds? Floating fountains offer an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to these large ponds.

We carry large floating outdoor fountains that can spray up to twenty five feet in the air and have interchangeable patterns. Our floating outdoor fountains also have LED multicolored lights with remote. These floating fountains are shore mounted and the floating pump on their underneath side does a good job of turning the body of water over. This added aeration and circulation to the pond helps eliminate algae growth.

We also offer aeration systems for even larger ponds that utilize shore-mounted air pumps that deliver compressed air to a synergistic diffuser plate on the pond’s bottom. As the air rises from the diffuser plate, it creates a convection current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over.

Garden Ponds Unlimited specializes in the installation of the floating outdoor fountains or they can be installed by the pond owner. Ponds in Oklahoma face extreme temperature swings and in the absent of biological filter, the floating outdoor fountains do a wonderful job.

Aquatic Pond Plants

In addition to outdoor fountains, we carry a large variety of aquatic pond plants. Pond plants help absorb excess nutrients in the ponds that algae feeds on. These pond plants can be placed around the pond in shallow depths and lilies at two foot depths. Not only will the pond plants aid with pond & lake management algae control, they add an aesthetically pleasing addition to the ponds.

When plants are added to ponds they help provide shade to the pond and create cooler water temperatures for the pond fish. This is extremely important in Oklahoma summers. When pond fish breed, they need a place to lay their eggs, pond plants aid in this as well. Adding pond plants to a pond is just as important as pond fountains.

Come see us today to talk about correcting your large pond, farm pond, or lake algae issues.

Contact Garden Ponds Unlimited for more information on floating pond fountains.

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Koi Ponds, Never a Boring Hobby

Koi ponds are a great hobby for the whole family. Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to start thinking about what you might want to do to change and improve your koi pond.

Many people view koi ponds simply as an addition to your house – when you build it you are done. While that is true a koi pond is indeed another room to your house, you’re never really done with this addition! In reality, it’s actually more like a living thing that is always evolving, so don’t be afraid to add on and change it as often as you want!

koi ponds okc

Koi Ponds – Residential Garden Ponds in OKC

You can have a Koi Tunnel added for your finned friends protection, or maybe you’ll add an extra stream to add more waterfalls to your koi pond. Adding a bog pond skimmer, makes weekly pond maintenance easier.  Or even add a Pondless Waterfall or Bubbler Rock in another part of your yard, the possibilities for growing your water feature are almost infinite.


Another option is to add underwater lighting to your Koi pond. Our new LED color changing lights are truly fun!  You can control the colors, fade speed, and even flashing effects with the remote control.

garden pond lighting

Garden Pond Lighting


The underwater lights can be set to remain on one color (such as white) or fade from one color to another. This lighting effect can be enhanced even more by having us install an additional brain unit so that you can run two different colors at once.

koi ponds edmond

Think Blue and Orange during Thunder season, Red & White if you are on OU fan or Orange and White for OSU. Multiple colors can be used to create a festive feel during the holidays too. Red & Green at Christmas or Blue and Red for the Fourth of July. The possibilities are endless and oh so fun!

Changing up your aquatic plant selection is a great way to change your koi pond ever so slightly. Night blooming water lilies are a unique koi pond addition because they only bloom at night. How amazing is that? We carry a huge selection of aquatic pond plants that will thrive during our Oklahoma pond season. Most of the aquatic plants we carry offer beautiful blooms of color that will enhance any koi pond.

A pond bridge or stepping stone bridge is another perfect addition. These picture perfect additions to your koi pond are irresistible and make your koi pond that much more inviting.

koi ponds

Right now – when your thoughts, ideas, and mental plans for your dream water garden and koi pond are still fresh in your mind – is the time to act. Hopefully you’re well on your way to dreaming of enhancing your own personal paradise.  The possibilities are limitless and you can always grow and expand with each addition you make.

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Providing Pond Services in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Nichols Hills, Edmond, Yukon, Shawnee, Newcastle, Mustang, Bethany and Surrounding Areas

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When Should I Get A Pond Cleaning?

The best way to properly care for you Koi Pond is to have it professionally cleaned by a pond cleaner. Cleaning your fish pond and water feature twice a year is the best rule of thumb. Once in fall to clean up from the summer months and again in the winter to remove any leaves or dead plant debris so that the pond has a nice fresh start for the spring.

Getting a pond cleaning during the warmer months is okay but not great. The biological bacteria in your pond is already mature and thriving.  So, a pond cleaning in the warmer months will kill all the good bacteria you need to have a healthy, happy, clear pond.  When you kill that bacteria, your pond’s biological ecosystem is forced to start over again and can cause an algae bloom. So, instead of getting a pond clean out during the warmer months, getting a pond cleaning during the fall and winter is easier on your fish pond.

Just like your koi fish during the colder temperatures, your fish pond goes dormant as well. The bacteria in your pond thrives in warmer weather, and it isn’t active during the fall and winter. Instead of going through two biological cycles, your pond only goes through its spring cycle.

If you forget to have our pond cleaner come out during the fall or winter, don’t worry we can clean your fish pond or water feature at any time of the year. We just wanted to point out the most ideal times.

Fish Ponds and water features need to be twice a year to help promote healthy fish and a strong ecosystem. Our travelling 800 gallon tanks will insure your koi fish are safely cared for while we empty your and pressure wash your rocks and tune your system to look like new.

While we are performing your fish pond cleaning, we will remove excess dead plant material, leaves and debris. We will completely empty and clean your biological filter and pond skimmer.

We will also wipe the lenses of your underwater lights. After conducting a full pond clean out our pond cleaner will fill your pond, dechlorinate and acclimate your koi fish back into your fish pond.

Our pond cleaner can bring whatever pond supplies you need while we are there doing your pond cleaning. Pond supplies that might be needed during a pond cleaning are new filter pads for your biological filters. These should be replaced every two years.

You may also want to consider pond skimmer net replacement and skimmer pad replacement. Because we have a pond supply store, we are capable of bringing you any pond supplies you may need. You may also want to consider have our pond cleaner upgrade your underwater pond lighting while your pond is being cleaned. This is the easiest and most cost effective time to do this.

Fish ponds are not the only thing that should be cleaned twice a year. Water Features and Pondless Waterfalls also need to be cleaned. Their reservoirs can become clogged with muck which will slow the flow of your water down. When this happens, water flow to your pump is restricted and can cause it to burn up. Getting your water feature or pondless waterfall cleaned regularly is preventative maintenance and important.

Our pond clean out season tends to fill up very quickly. Signing up for a pond cleaning in the fall/winter insures you a shorter waiting period and your fish pond will look great for the holidays. Contact Garden Ponds Unlimited at 405-794-3323 or visit our online Pond and Pondless Cleaning Form.

pond cleaning services okc

Pond Cleaning Services

pond cleaning okc

Pond Cleaning

When Should I Get A Pond Cleaning?2020-02-12T15:17:20+00:00