Garden Pond Mainenance Oklahoma City & Surrounding Metro Areas

We offer a monthly garden pond maintenance service that allows you to still be hands on with your water feature maintenance. Our technicians will visit your pond once a month and add water to your pond or water feature to compensate for evaporation and add pond dechlorinator. They will empty your pond skimmer(s), net out any debris from bottom of skimmer(s), feed your koi fish our premium high protein koi food or winter wheat germ fish food, add beneficial S.A.T to the pond, add Green Away to the pond, add D-Solv to pond when necessary, thin out string algae and thin out any overgrown pond plants to prevent future water garden leaks. We provide full service garden pond maintenance Oklahoma City and surrounding metro areas, including Edmond, Norman, Moore…

Customer’s participating in our monthly program will still need to give their ponds attention during the remaining portion of the month. For most, just knowing that a trained pond technician will be there once a month to oversee things, check for leaks, and add pond chemicals gives a tremendous piece of mind. Our pond maintenance service is only available in the Oklahoma City metro area. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to quote your OKC pond maintenance service. Most monthly water garden maintenance service starts as low as $135. We can also provide service for Pondless Waterfalls or Pondless fountains on this monthly service plan.

Please complete the online form for monthly garden pond maintenance services, all fields are required.