Koi Ponds, Never a Boring Hobby

Koi ponds are a great hobby for the whole family. Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to start thinking about what you might want to do to change and improve your koi pond.

Many people view koi ponds simply as an addition to your house – when you build it you are done. While that is true a koi pond is indeed another room to your house, you’re never really done with this addition! In reality, it’s actually more like a living thing that is always evolving, so don’t be afraid to add on and change it as often as you want!

koi ponds okc

Koi Ponds – Residential Garden Ponds in OKC

You can have a Koi Tunnel added for your finned friends protection, or maybe you’ll add an extra stream to add more waterfalls to your koi pond. Adding a bog pond skimmer, makes weekly pond maintenance easier.  Or even add a Pondless Waterfall or Bubbler Rock in another part of your yard, the possibilities for growing your water feature are almost infinite.


Another option is to add underwater lighting to your Koi pond. Our new LED color changing lights are truly fun!  You can control the colors, fade speed, and even flashing effects with the remote control.

garden pond lighting

Garden Pond Lighting


The underwater lights can be set to remain on one color (such as white) or fade from one color to another. This lighting effect can be enhanced even more by having us install an additional brain unit so that you can run two different colors at once.

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Think Blue and Orange during Thunder season, Red & White if you are on OU fan or Orange and White for OSU. Multiple colors can be used to create a festive feel during the holidays too. Red & Green at Christmas or Blue and Red for the Fourth of July. The possibilities are endless and oh so fun!

Changing up your aquatic plant selection is a great way to change your koi pond ever so slightly. Night blooming water lilies are a unique koi pond addition because they only bloom at night. How amazing is that? We carry a huge selection of aquatic pond plants that will thrive during our Oklahoma pond season. Most of the aquatic plants we carry offer beautiful blooms of color that will enhance any koi pond.

A pond bridge or stepping stone bridge is another perfect addition. These picture perfect additions to your koi pond are irresistible and make your koi pond that much more inviting.

koi ponds

Right now – when your thoughts, ideas, and mental plans for your dream water garden and koi pond are still fresh in your mind – is the time to act. Hopefully you’re well on your way to dreaming of enhancing your own personal paradise.  The possibilities are limitless and you can always grow and expand with each addition you make.

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