Should you get a clean out? The best time to have your pond cleaned out is during the fall/winter. Getting a pond clean out during the warmer months has many headaches alongside of it. The biological bacteria in your pond is already mature and thriving.  So, a clean out will kill all the good bacteria you need to have a healthy, happy, clear pond.  When you kill that bacteria, your pond’s biological ecosystem is forced to start over again and causes algae blooms and sometimes green or murky water that can stress your fish. So, instead of getting a pond clean out during the warmer months and risking a ton of headache, getting a pond clean out during the fall/winter eliminates a majority of the problems.

Just like your koi during the colder temperatures, your pond goes dormant as well. The bacteria in your pond thrives in warmer weather, and it isn’t active during the fall/winter. So, you don’t run into pesky algae blooms or green or murky water.  Instead of going through two biological cycles, your pond only goes through its spring cycle.

Should you get a clean out?

Our spring clean out season tends to fill up very quickly. Signing up for a clean out in the fall/winter insures you a shorter waiting period and your pond will look great for the holidays. Contact Garden Ponds Unlimited at 405-794-3323 or visit our online Pond Clean Out Form