How to Choose the Right Submersible Pump or Pond Pump

Pond Pump / Submersible Pump

A pond pump or submersible pond pump will be required for every garden pond water feature or koi pond.

The submersible pond pump is the heartbeat of the pond and probably one of the most important components in a pond. Whether the feature is a pond that will house koi fish or the feature is a large earth bottom, the pump plays an important.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are the best option. They are actually submersed below the water’s surface and are therefore hidden out of site. The fact that they are a submersible pump also makes them a lot more quit than their inline counterparts.

Submersible pumps are also great because they can draw water from the bottom or lower level of the pond and therefore do a better job of helping agitate the body of water.

Our suggestion is to always buy your submersible pump or pond pump locally. By purchasing your submersible pumps or koi pond pumps from Garden Ponds Unlimited, rest assured that if you were to have any warranty issues, your warranty would be handled in person and on the same day rather than waiting for a corporation to respond weeks later.

When pond pumps are purchased through us, you are given a replacement at our store that same day as long as you have a receipt. This is so very important because the life of your koi fish or pond fish depends on it.

Choosing A Pond Pump

How do I choose the correct size submersible pump or pond pump?

When determining what size koi pond pump to purchase, you need to know how many gallons are in your koi pond. You would determine this by measuring the average length, average width and average depth of your pond. Then multiply those by 7.45 (Length x width x depth x 7.45 =gallons).

After you have calculated the amount of gallons you have, you will want to purchase a koi pond pump that will turn all of the ponds water over at least twice per hour. Submersible pumps and pond pumps are rated by gallons per hour (GPH).

Electrical Usage for Pond Pumps

Another very important factor to consider when determining which koi pond pump to purchase is the electrical usage. There are pumps on the market that are priced very cheap. You should not purchase these pumps. The reason why is that their electric consumption will be through the roof. What good would it do it if you saved money on a pump only to spend a small fortune operating it?

Our submersible pond pumps are super high efficiency pumps. Their electric consumption is extremely low. A quality pump will cost a little more initially but will operate longer and be more cost effective in the long run. These means that after a few years, you actually save money. Come see what quality koi pond pumps we have to offer.

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