How to Choose the Correct Pond Liner

Choosing a pond liner is one of the first steps that homeowners will need to decide in building their new koi pond. Quality pond liners are one of the most important decision when you are about to build a pond. Do not go cheap. Pond liner is the foundation of your pond.

Pond liner isn’t a very expensive pond supplies in comparison to everything else that goes into a pond. Usually the best option when building a pond yourself is just to purchase a pond kit. Pond kits have the proper liner included in them and the proper pond liner size.

Pond Kits

Ponds kits at Garden Ponds Unlimited have 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner in them. This is the top of the line contractor grade pond liner. Pond liner that is 45 mil EPDM is easy to install, offers design flexibility and long term durability. This makes EPDM pond liner the ideal choice for pond lining.

When looking for pond kits or pond supplies in Oklahoma City, we are your one stop shop. Our pond kits are boxed and ready to go home with you that same day. Not only is the pond liner in our pond kits contractor grade, but so is the pond pumps, filters and skimmers. We have three different pond kits to choose from or we can put together a custom size pond kit for you.

Garden Pond Supplies

Visit us for all of your pond supplies Oklahoma City. It’s important to buy garden pond products from an actual pond store not a garden center. Most garden centers carry liners for garden ponds, but they are the thinner 20 mil pvc, and not as durable. PVC pond liners are synthetic vinyl that is highly susceptible to UV degradation. They do not last very long and quickly become brittle and allow the pond to leak.

A garden center will also carry preformed drop in liners. Steer clear of these. These are usually made a rigid plastic and they will crack with the expanding and contracting Oklahoma ground temperatures. Not to mention that it is impossible to dig a hole to perfectly match their shape.

If you do decide to purchase your pond products from a garden center just know that you will be rebuilding the pond in a few years. If this doesn’t sound ideal, then purchasing pond supplies in Oklahoma City from Garden Ponds Unlimited will be a wise choice.

We will be here to help you along with way. Our garden pond liners come in 100 foot long rolls that come in varying widths. We will make precise measurements for you based on the size pond you are building. Our pond liner rolls come in widths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 feet wide.

Contact Us for a quote on any of our pond liners or garden pond supplies.

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