Pond Plants in Oklahoma City

You may being wondering where to buy pond plants in Oklahoma City. We suggest Garden Ponds Unlimited on I-35 in Moore. Every fish pond should have pond plants. Pond plants help absorb excess nutrients in your pond. We have a huge selection of plants for ponds. We offer hardy and tropical varieties of pond plants.

Water Lilies

Water lilies are a necessary pond plants in Oklahoma. They provide shade during the hot Oklahoma City summer months and also provide shelter for your koi. Water lilies can be found in two basic varieties known as hardy (will come back every year) and tropical (will not come back every year). Of course the most beautiful of the two different pond plants is the tropical water lily.

The tropical varieties offer color variations that are second to none. We even carry a night blooming water lily. In addition to that, we have color changing water lilies that actually change color over the course of the season. Never a dull moment with pond plants in Oklahoma City. By the way, water lilies like to be planted two feet deep in the pond and placed at the furthest point from the waterfalls. They don’t like a lot of water movement.

Plants for Ponds

There are many more plants for ponds offered by us. We offer pond plants that of varying heights. The plants for ponds are referred to as marginal pond plants. Marginal means that pond owners will usually just plant them along the ponds edges and around the waterfalls.

Most of our marginal pond plants are winter hardy in Oklahoma. The marginal plants for ponds have numerous different colored blooms. There is literally every color under the rainbow. We can show pond owners how to group pond plants for the most appealing landscaping looks in their ponds.

Floating Plant Islands and Floating / Submersible Plants

A fun way to add more marginal pond plants to your pond when you feel that there just isn’t any more room, is to add a floating plant island. We have these planted and ready to go for you.

Last but not least are floating and submersible plants for ponds. They are exactly like they sound, floating or submersible. The most popular floating pond plants are Water Hyanthis and Water Lettuce.

The water Hyanthis are the most popular of the two in Oklahoma because of their vibrant lilac colored blooms. These pond plants do an excellent job of helping to filter the pond water because of their ability to absorb tons of nutrients in the pond. Submersible plants for ponds are a great way to offer shelter to your koi fish as they lay eggs. They tend to be great oxygenators also.

Pond plants are not just meant for decorative koi ponds, they are necessary for farm ponds and retention ponds also.

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