Floating Pond Fountains and Pond Aeration Management

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Floating Pond Fountains and Pond Aeration Management

Fountain Ponds

Fountains for Residential Ponds, Retention Ponds, Resorts, Parks, Golf Courses, & More. Reduce Stagnation & Enhance Your Ponds Visual Appeal While Providing Life Giving Aeration.

Do you have a large pond or does your home owner association have a retention pond that needs pond management and pond aerator solutions?

Garden Ponds Unlimited specializes in pond fountains, lake management, outdoor fountains, floating fountains and pond aerators in the Oklahoma City area.

Pond Aeration Management

Did you know that surface aerators such as fountains help with algae and problem ponds? Floating fountains offer an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to these large ponds.

We carry large floating outdoor fountains that can spray up to twenty five feet in the air and have interchangeable patterns. Our floating outdoor fountains also have LED multicolored lights with remote. These floating fountains are shore mounted and the floating pump on their underneath side does a good job of turning the body of water over. This added aeration and circulation to the pond helps eliminate algae growth.

We also offer aeration systems for even larger ponds that utilize shore-mounted air pumps that deliver compressed air to a synergistic diffuser plate on the pond’s bottom. As the air rises from the diffuser plate, it creates a convection current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over.

Garden Ponds Unlimited specializes in the installation of the floating outdoor fountains or they can be installed by the pond owner. Ponds in Oklahoma face extreme temperature swings and in the absent of biological filter, the floating outdoor fountains do a wonderful job.

Aquatic Pond Plants

In addition to outdoor fountains, we carry a large variety of aquatic pond plants. Pond plants help absorb excess nutrients in the ponds that algae feeds on. These pond plants can be placed around the pond in shallow depths and lilies at two foot depths. Not only will the pond plants aid with pond & lake management algae control, they add an aesthetically pleasing addition to the ponds.

When plants are added to ponds they help provide shade to the pond and create cooler water temperatures for the pond fish. This is extremely important in Oklahoma summers. When pond fish breed, they need a place to lay their eggs, pond plants aid in this as well. Adding pond plants to a pond is just as important as pond fountains.

Come see us today to talk about correcting your large pond, farm pond, or lake algae issues.

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