When Should I Get A Pond Cleaning?

The best way to properly care for you Koi Pond is to have it professionally cleaned by a pond cleaner. Cleaning your fish pond and water feature twice a year is the best rule of thumb. Once in fall to clean up from the summer months and again in the winter to remove any leaves or dead plant debris so that the pond has a nice fresh start for the spring.

Getting a pond cleaning during the warmer months is okay but not great. The biological bacteria in your pond is already mature and thriving.  So, a pond cleaning in the warmer months will kill all the good bacteria you need to have a healthy, happy, clear pond.  When you kill that bacteria, your pond’s biological ecosystem is forced to start over again and can cause an algae bloom. So, instead of getting a pond clean out during the warmer months, getting a pond cleaning during the fall and winter is easier on your fish pond.

Just like your koi fish during the colder temperatures, your fish pond goes dormant as well. The bacteria in your pond thrives in warmer weather, and it isn’t active during the fall and winter. Instead of going through two biological cycles, your pond only goes through its spring cycle.

If you forget to have our pond cleaner come out during the fall or winter, don’t worry we can clean your fish pond or water feature at any time of the year. We just wanted to point out the most ideal times.

Fish Ponds and water features need to be twice a year to help promote healthy fish and a strong ecosystem. Our travelling 800 gallon tanks will insure your koi fish are safely cared for while we empty your and pressure wash your rocks and tune your system to look like new.

While we are performing your fish pond cleaning, we will remove excess dead plant material, leaves and debris. We will completely empty and clean your biological filter and pond skimmer.

We will also wipe the lenses of your underwater lights. After conducting a full pond clean out our pond cleaner will fill your pond, dechlorinate and acclimate your koi fish back into your fish pond.

Our pond cleaner can bring whatever pond supplies you need while we are there doing your pond cleaning. Pond supplies that might be needed during a pond cleaning are new filter pads for your biological filters. These should be replaced every two years.

You may also want to consider pond skimmer net replacement and skimmer pad replacement. Because we have a pond supply store, we are capable of bringing you any pond supplies you may need. You may also want to consider have our pond cleaner upgrade your underwater pond lighting while your pond is being cleaned. This is the easiest and most cost effective time to do this.

Fish ponds are not the only thing that should be cleaned twice a year. Water Features and Pondless Waterfalls also need to be cleaned. Their reservoirs can become clogged with muck which will slow the flow of your water down. When this happens, water flow to your pump is restricted and can cause it to burn up. Getting your water feature or pondless waterfall cleaned regularly is preventative maintenance and important.

Our pond clean out season tends to fill up very quickly. Signing up for a pond cleaning in the fall/winter insures you a shorter waiting period and your fish pond will look great for the holidays. Contact Garden Ponds Unlimited at 405-794-3323 or visit our online Pond and Pondless Cleaning Form.

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Pond Cleaning Services

pond cleaning okc

Pond Cleaning

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Oklahoma Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds in Oklahoma

oklahoma ponds

Ponds or water gardens in Oklahoma can present great rewards as well as unique challenges. Ponds in Oklahoma experience all four seasons.  Each season can require different pond maintenance techniques.

Spring tends to really kick off the start of the year for Oklahoma. This is the time of year that we can experience vast temperature swings. One day its 80 degrees and the next it will be 55 degrees. Nighttime lows can vary from 32 degrees to 60 degrees. These temperature variations can wreak havoc on your pond filtration systems.

During warm days your pond filtration system is trying to come alive and establish its eco system. Your garden pond works best when your Garden Ponds Unlimited biological pond filtration is thriving with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria can only mature and stay alive during warmer temperatures. It’s essential that you add our S.A.T. to your pond at least a couple of times per week in order to help boost the eco system. Koi ponds that you feel require too much of your time to maintain can be cared for by our professional pond maintenance crew.

Koi Pond Maintenance

Koi pond maintenance in OKC is a koi pond service that we offer all year long. Pond maintenance OKC can be done on a weekly pond maintenance or a monthly pond maintenance basis.  Our weekly pond service or monthly pond service includes all of the pond chemicals that your Oklahoma water garden will require. We also feed your koi while we are there.

Learn more about our pond maintenance services >>

Spring Garden Ponds

Spring also can be extremely hard on your Koi fish in Oklahoma koi ponds. Koi have a natural slime coat that acts as a protective armor to keep them from becoming victim to parasites and diseases. This slime coat can diminish during stressful temperature swings. Adding Garden Ponds Unlimited dechlorinator and our S.A.T. will help increase their slime coats and give them some added protection.

Summer Garden Ponds

Fall Oklahoma PondsSummer months get very hot and ponds in Oklahoma need to have more aeration than koi ponds in other parts of the country. Proper pond aeration is key to combating poor pond water quality and ensuring koi fish longevity. Without a large enough pond pump your pond will require additional pond maintenance. Your ponds water should be sent through your pond filtration system at least twice per hour for proper pond aeration. This will ensure your ponds filtration (if adequate) will have plenty of oxygen and that your koi pond stays as cool as possible. Fish pools and Koi pools are just another name for a water garden but require all of the same parameters. If your fish pool wasn’t built by Garden Ponds Unlimited, give us a call. It’s never too late to have a professional waterfall builder and OKC landscaper that specializes solely in ponds correct your improper pond.

Fall Garden Ponds

Fall brings the changing of leaves, and eventually the falling of leaves. Ponds in Oklahoma should have a protective pond netting or pond cover installed over the koi pond prior to leaves falling. Pond leaf nets will help to keep leaves from entering your fish pond where they can decay and negatively impact your fish pool water quality. Poor pond water quality increases you pond maintenance.

Fall is also the time to start feeding you koi our spring and fall wheat germ fish food. Garden ponds that you feel require too much of your time to maintain can be cared for by our professional pond maintenance crew.  Koi pond maintenance in OKC is a koi pond service that we offer all year long. Pond maintenance OKC can be done on a weekly pond maintenance or a monthly pond maintenance basis.

Winter Garden Ponds

Winter is the most dormant time for your fish pool. Winter is when we recommend having your pond cleaned. Pond cleaning should be done every year. Fish pond cleaning is best during the winter months because your pond filtration system isn’t alive in the winter. By cleaning your koi pool during winter, you do not disturb any beneficial pond bacteria because there isn’t any. It’s also the least stressful time on your koi fish. You should also stop feeding your koi fish at the onset of winter.

Winter Oklahoma PondsKoi pond services like our professional fish pond cleaning are a great way to rid your fish pool of any leaves that may have gotten past your pond netting. This is also the time that Garden Ponds Unlimited OKC pond cleaning crew will clean your biological pond filter, pond skimmer and make any other pond repairs needed. Fish pools should not be ignored in the winter. Ponds in Oklahoma can be beautiful during a snowy day with the waterfalls mimicking a mountain stream. Be sure to have your koi pond service and pond cleaning done before the holidays so that it is ready for your holiday guests. As always, we even offer our weekly pond maintenance and monthly pond maintenance service during the winter. Koi ponds in other parts of the country are usually completely shut down in the winter. Not our koi ponds. We can enjoy our fish pools all year long.

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