Aquacultured SpecimensSave the reefs and buy 100% aquacultured coral and captive bred fish when available. Stop taking from the oceans. We at Garden Ponds and Aquariums Unlimited believe in only purchasing aquacultured corals. Whenever we have the opportunity to choose captive bred fishes over wild caught, we buy captive bred. This is better for our oceans and better for our customers.

A principal concern of many aquarists and Garden Ponds and Aquariums Unlimited is the state of the world’s environments and the possible impact our demanding hobby might have. Though no species has been “wiped out” by wild-collection on the reef, the use of boats, subsequent labor, non-human resources, nets, and other tools to get wild caught specimens to consumers isn’t without consequence. We believe the captive breeding of fish and aquacultured hard and soft corals reduces environmental destruction and is by definition a more easily controlled resource. The world’s reefs are dying at an alarming rate and our industry can play a big part in saving them.

Aquacultured Specimens

When you can, buy aquacultured specimens. This makes sense for you, your aquarium, and the environment. Captive breed fish and corals are hardier, disease-free, less antagonistic, more accepting of prepared foods, and generally far more likely to thrive in your aquarium.

Aquacultured Specimens

In time, our industry will be able to captive breed more varieties of fish. We have already begun to see the changes within the past few years. In the coming years we will find more and more aquacultured species becoming available as a viable alternative to wild-caught specimens. Who knows-you may well be responsible for contributing to this trend through your own efforts! Join Garden Ponds and Aquariums Unlimited in our quest to save the planet.


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