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Little Fins and Little Mouths

If you have fish in your pond, sooner or later they are going to have babies. Late spring to early summer usually marks the time of year when koi and goldfish start to spawn. When koi and goldfish spawn, they produce thousands of eggs but very few actually survive and grow up into baby fish. Koi are egg “scatterers,” meaning they generally deposit their eggs on the bottom of the pond or in plants. The eggs hatch a few days after, although, you probably won’t be able to see them for several weeks because they are too small. At this stage in development, the babies will feed off of all sorts of microorganisms in your pond. After a couple months the babies are about an inch long and may start eating real food. In order to “bulk” them up, feed them our High Protein koi food. There are no fillers and will ensure the proper nutrients for your baby koi to grow up big and beautiful.

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Patience is Key

You need to have patience. If you’ve stocked your pond with plenty of plants, the temperature’s just right, and you’ve started supplementing with D-Solv and SAT, your pond will quickly balance. Beneficial bacteria, or SAT, need to be added with a consistent maintenance routine to obtain optimal results. Resist the urge to add traditional algaecides after your pond is balanced, unless your pond is lacking a proper filtration system. With overuse, your pond will never become truly balanced, and often, ponds can become dependent on their use. Help support Mother Nature with use of natural products from Garden Ponds Unlimited. Your pond and the environment will thank you!

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Customer Appreciation Weekend – October 14th & 15th, 2016


Friday and Saturday October 14th and 15th, 2016
9:00 am – 6:00 pm   Rain or shine.

Come on out for a great time!

  • Ridiculous discounts (discount wheel to be spun at time of purchase to determine discount amount)
  • Smoked hot dogs, chips, drinks
  • Fish races! ( $3.00 per person to enter the race. Must be at least three participants per race. Winner takes home the Koi.)
  • Installation discounts up to $1,000 on select ponds. (Must sign up for consultation during customer appreciation weekend for winter installation)
  • Grand opening of our new Aquarium Building. Freshwater and Saltwater.

BIG NEWS! We’ve partnered with the Bella Foundation this year.  They will have wonderful fur-babies ready for adoption and all proceeds from the fish races will go to help foster pets find their furever home!!

So come on out Friday and Saturday, October 14th and 15th and help some great dogs and cats find some homes!!!

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Springtime Pond Changes

Now that spring is here, you’re probably noticing some changes in your pond. Your fish are coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth. Some changes that are taking place, however, aren’t so desirable.

Like that excess algae growth that you might have noticed. Understanding the transition that your pond makes from winter into spring is essential in maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. You may have just spent your weekend cleaning your pond – or have had Garden Ponds Unlimited come out and clean it for you.

A couple of days or weeks pass, and you notice an incredible growth of string algae. “Not again,” you screech to yourself. “I thought my pond was clean!” Well, my friend, cleanliness does not necessarily mean algae-free, especially in the cool water of the early spring.

Some simple, yet important, steps can be the difference between a balanced pond with minimal maintenance and a pond that requires unnecessary maintenance. Although bacteria and plants don’t start growing properly until water temperature reaches 55°F, there are still some simple steps you can take to maintain a crystal clear, trouble-free pond.

We recommend using D-Solv, which will help remove attached organic debris from waterfall, streams, and rocks in seconds. Another product that will help eliminate the headache of algae is Green Away. Green Away effectively controls types of algae like Chlorella, Blanketweed, and string or hair algae. Both of these products can be used throughout the season. They are especially effective helping maintain optimum water conditions until the water warms up and the beneficial bacteria, or SAT, and aquatic plants have the opportunity to kick in.

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